Fixed Sites

Approach to an Architecture

Casa Malaparte Capri – 1999, 2007

A site oriented work that grew during stays at the famous Casa Malaparte on from 1994 -1999. It was inspired by the spectacular location and the unique architecture that became an icon of modernism. Canvases (20x20cm, 130x131cm) configure as ‚profane reliquaries‘, as canned souvenirs or as abstracted portraits. 3-dimensional stele-objects function as reversed panorama and show picture cut out from 4 directions. Fabric objects delineate and mark eras of the house as well as they preserve an empty skin and conserve particles of the houses organism.

The artistic interventions are laid down in photos and a video, which serve in the same time as documents and independent work.


D+E ‚Fixierte Orte‘ – Casa Malaparte auf Capri Catalog, Architekturgalerie Munich, 1999

D ‚Ein Haus wie ich‘ Die Casa Malaparte auf Capri, HVB Munich 1999